Which Marina is Best?

Which marina is best for your boat? A lot of thought goes into buying a boat. You make a lot of choices and spend a good deal of money. You want your investment to be taken care of. This means where you keep her is important. What do you have access to in the water? A safe marina for you and your boat makes a huge difference in the enjoyment you will have.

Cape Crossing Marina is located directly off the Barge Canal in Merritt Island. This location is special. It gives you access to the Banana River and the Indian River or go through the lock and be on the ocean. The Banana River is shallow and a favorite fishing location. The Indian River here from Titusville in the north to Melbourne Causeway in the south deeper water than most of the rest of the Indian River Lagoon. It is great for sailing. The protected waters of the Barge Canal and the marina is the some of the best protection from the weather available.

The immediate access to the Intracoastal Waterway gives access to one of the most traveled water routes in the country. You can go on the Great Loop that will take you all the way up to New York to the Hudson River then work your way across the Great Lakes (across Canada if you wish) down to Chicago through the canals to the Mississippi River all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico around Florida and back to your slip in the marina!

The marina is part of the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) a 156-mile long estuary. A semi-confined water body characterized by mixing of saline oceanic water and freshwater from upland sources. Water is exchanged between the IRL and the Atlantic through five ocean inlets—cuts in the barrier island chain. The Locks at Port Canaveral gives access to the ocean. There is no tide to concern you here since the flushing characteristic of a tide is largely dependent part on its proximity to an inlet and to freshwater inputs from streams, rivers, ditches, and canals. For that matter water flow in the IRL is not driven by gravity so there is really no current. Rather, it is the wind that primarily drives the circulation patterns within the lagoon. That makes for a very protected harbor.

With our new Tiki Bar Restaurant and Ship Store opening soon staying on your boat at the marina or booking a room at the resort provides you with the convenience of everything you need for a great stay.